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What are Speech Language Communications Needs (SLCN)?

Speech and Language skills develop throughout childhood and continue through adolescence. They develop following good foundations being in place:  attention and listening and play skills need to be in place first. What is Speech? What is... Read more

ITS Annual Conference

On Saturday 26th April you could find the ITS team down at the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapist’s (RCSLT) head office close to London Bridge, where we celebrated our annual team day and ITS Giving Voice event. Whist it... Read more

The 10 skills a child must have by the time they start school

I have read with great interest the recent developments this week relating to pre schools skills for children across the UK. “The 10 skills a child must have by the time they start school including being toilet trained and talking... Read more

10th European day of Speech and Language Therapy

This years European day of Speech and Language Therapy in being held on 6th March. My Speech and Language Therapy trip to Turkey with SLT colleague Ali Yildrim is perfectly timed to celebrate sharing good practice between UK and... Read more

Evidence Informed Practice (EIP) versus Evidence Based Practice (EBP)

Now here is food for thought… This month many of my colleagues have been discussing the benefit and true impact of Evidence Based Practice on our profession as Speech and Language Therapists. At our RCSLT regional hubs EBP has... Read more

Accessing NHS and Independent Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) simultaneously

There have been many concerning reports from parents and adult clients across the independent sector recently regarding unclear guidelines when accessing NHS and Independent SLT. Do the following scenarios sound familiar to... Read more

Teaching Baby to Talk

Last month we were pleased to team up with to ask parents about their children’s early speech and language learning. Every parent waits to hear their baby speak their very first word and there is often friendly rivalry... Read more