Secure your teaching staff’s CPD package for 2022/23

Integrated Treatment Services provide an exceptional standard of therapy services to meet the needs of children and adults throughout the UK at home, clinic or in school.

We would like to use our expertise and knowledge to offer high quality CPD sessions to teachers in school.

We cover topics which are most relevant to educational settings from a speech and language therapy focus. Such as:

  • Speech and Language delay/disorder – how to help
  • Developmental delay/disorder – how to help
  • Preventative therapy approaches
  • Parent child interaction approaches
  • Speech sounds and literacy development
  • Phonological awareness skills
  • Play and imagination
  • Social communication
  • Visual communication environments
  • Using signs and symbols
  • Communication systems in the classroom
  • Learning disabilities and approaches, for example, Intensive Interaction
  • Specific approaches considering a child’s diagnosis- ASD, ADHD, Dyspraxia etc
  • Curriculum differentiation for students with communication and / or learning difficulties
  • Adult Child Interaction (ACI)
  • An introduction to selective mutism
  • Bilingualism
  • Blank levels training
  • HIGH TECH AAC device training – know your options
  • Pairing and vocabulary expansion
  • Behaviour approaches and positive reinforcement for desired behaviours
  • Support for children, teenagers and adults who stammer

We also offer licensed training:

  • Colourful Semantics
  • PECS and the exchange based methods
  • PACT
  • LSVT
  • Talk Boost
  • Word Aware
  • Hanen Teacher Talk
  • Hanen Learning Language and Loving It
  • Makaton

We are always happy to meet bespoke training requests – contact us to request the training package you would prefer.

We have already started our CPD sessions and you can access the taster session (Module 1) for free by following the instructions below.

As a taster session, if you would like FREE access to the recording for Module 1 – Reviewing Your SEND Register – Who are your SEND pupils? What provisions do you have in place to support them? please get in touch with us at

CPD certificates for staff who attend or view each session can be arranged.

The cost per module is £50. You can purchase other modules as they happen below:

Module 2 – ‘How Can I Support A Child With ….?’

Please let us know your thoughts on topics that we can offer that will help you in your everyday practice using the form below.