Here at Integrated Treatment Services we are committed to working with international therapists, completing the Overseas Qualified Professionals (OQP) Framework.

We appreciate the value international therapists bring to our therapy team. They often bring new ideas, new perspectives and new techniques. This helps us to understand the range of approaches used internationally so that we can offer innovative, cutting edge therapy. It also enables us to often welcome multilingual therapists, who are highly valued in our diverse nation.

What is required?

OQP’s are required to register with the RCSLT under the supervision category and must complete the Overseas Competency Framework, which is very similar to the Newly Qualified Professional framework used for therapists who are new to practice.

You can find out more about the OQP framework and download the competency framework here.

Integrated Treatment Services are committed to supporting therapists through our OQP Scheme. You will receive regular supervision and support and will learn about the legislation, policies and guidelines to support you to work within the UK system.

You will need to be a qualified member of the HCPC in order to begin your competency framework and work with clients independently.

Work for Integrated Treatment Services

If you are interested in working with Integrated Treatment Services, please get in touch with our careers team. We will be happy to discuss the OQP requirements and what support and supervision we offer to enable you to achieve fully qualified status.

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