Our team pride ourselves on using the very latest Speech and Language Therapy approaches to support you.

We are consistently updating our Continued Professional Development (CPD) through:

  • Attendance at courses
  • Sessions with our specialist mentors
  • Regular contact with each other to share best practice
  • Team meetings and clinical supervision sessions

We like to ensure that our clients are fully informed about these therapy approaches, therefore you can read about many of the therapy approaches we provide through each therapy approach.

You can also watch  our  videos on many of our therapy approaches.  Our therapists enjoy demonstrating these approaches and explaining to you how to use the specific approach.

We will endeavour to write a section and to record a video on the full range of approaches we offer.  If there is an approach where you are particularly keen to find out more, please get in touch and we will endeavour to share further information with you.

Our Speech and Language Therapy Approaches

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