Finding the right therapy for your child requires patience, care and understanding. Integrated Treatment Services will help you through the process by personalising every aspect of their therapy to suit your timescales, your budget and your family life. We have your child’s interests at the heart of all of our work.

It is estimated that around 6% to 8% of children aged up to 11 years have speech, language and communication needs, this is 2 children in every classroom.

If your child has these needs, Integrated Treatment Services are here for you. We have your child’s interests at the heart of all of our work, and we will personalise every aspect of their therapy to suit your timescales, your budget and your family life.

We are providing 1:1 online assessments and therapy sessions for families and you can complete the form here to find out more about this service. Generally we can match families with a therapist within 2 weeks of them signing their consent to treat form.

We have a wealth of experience working with children and their families. Our multi-disciplinary team includes occupational therapists, physiotherapists, creative expressive therapists working in music, art, dance, and drama, and psychologists specialising in educational, clinical and cognitive neuro-psychology. Because we evaluate each child using our multi-professional insight, we can accurately evaluate which therapies will maximise your child’s skills.

We will consider every aspect of your child’s learning, communication, independence and physical skills and emotional integrity. We can then outline a clear and accurate plan as to how you can maximise your child’s development and help them reach their maximum potential as adults.

What you can expect from Integrated Treatment Services


  • An immediate response to your enquiry
  • A free telephone consultation with a therapist to answer all of your questions about your child with no obligation to go ahead with an appointment
  • Consideration of your child’s overall needs to see how your child can achieve their full learning potential and help you understand which of our range of therapies best meets their needs
  • choice of therapists presented to you along with their profiles so you can decide if they are the right choice of therapist for your child
  • A phone call with the therapist if you would prefer to speak to them directly over the telephone or Skype before booking your assessment date
  • An appointment within one week of your enquiry – we don’t have waiting lists and will never keep you waiting
  • A discussion regarding your therapy budget so we can maximise the use of your budget to offer the most effective therapy plan. Our rates will always be honest and consistent
  • A detailed assessment carried out by a fully qualified therapist at your home, your child’s nursery or school, out in the community or with the childminder
  • A clear therapy plan tailored to meet your therapy budget, your family’s timetable and the need for your child to be seen in different settings, such as home
    and school
  • The option of online therapy using Skype. For example, feedback to you as parents can take place online in the evening, training sessions can be delivered to you and your family online to teach you about therapy methods to use with your child.

A happy child

We fully expect your child to reach the end of their therapy journey with us, and we won’t discharge them before they are functioning at the levels we would expect for their age. Of course, you have the option to end therapy sooner. In which case, we would write you a summary discharge duty of care report outlining what targets have been worked on and what ongoing suggestions have been recommended.  We aim to ensure that you leave our service 100% happy.

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