Can’t find a therapist in your local area, don’t want to travel too far or you feel more comfortable talking in the comfort of your own home? Online therapy from Integrated Treatment Services provides high quality, personalised therapy to adults and children at home – at lower cost than a face-to-face therapy session. 

Often it’s not possible to find a therapist you feel comfortable with in your local area. What’s more, spending large amounts of time and money on travelling to a therapist doesn’t make much sense. That’s why online therapy is such a good idea. It brings a range of high quality, therapeutic services to you in the comfort and security of your own home.

Integrated Treatment Services has a vast amount of experience in providing therapy over the internet. In fact, we have many enquiries from clients within the UK and abroad who are looking for advice and an informal assessment without leaving home.

Works for both adults and children

We find that online therapy works well for adults who can sit in front of a computer or laptop and answer questions about their needs. Equally adults can have a carer or partner present to help answer any questions.

Children too are excited to see the therapist on the computer and some children will happily sit and respond to therapy materials that the therapist shows them. Kids are interested in technology and so online therapy can really capture their interest, without it feeling like work!

In addition, children can be observed by the therapist through a webcam on the computer. We would also ask parents questions about their child’s development.

How does online therapy work?

Our therapist will book an appointment with you online, usually for 1 to 1.5 hours. You consent to therapy by signing a copy of our therapy terms and conditions. You then need to use a Skype account to access the service. This should be set up before the appointment. You can do this free of charge at

We would also ask you to read our ‘Skype tips’ before the session, and you need to give the therapist your Skype account name, so that you can be added to the therapist’s address book.

How much does it cost?

Our online therapy service is charged at the same hourly rate as any of our direct therapy sessions as our therapist needs to book a standard therapy slot in their diary. You will however save money as the therapist’s travelling expenses will no longer apply.

What if I don’t speak English?

Where you or your family do not speak English, we are happy to find interpreters to work alongside the therapist.

Can I combine online therapy with face-to-face therapy?

We are more than happy to offer online therapy as an option to all of our clients. You have the choice to decide when you would like to use online therapy and when you would like to see a therapist face-to-face. We are completely flexible in meeting your needs.

To discuss your therapy needs in more detail, call us on 0845 038 2921 for a complimentary telephone consultation. We can then arrange your first online therapy session within the same week of your enquiry. You can also email

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