Our Support Parenting Service was created to ensure your little one is on track. Prevention and Early intervention of Speech, Language and Communication needs is a core aim for our therapists at Integrated Treatment Services.

The development and use of speech, language and communication are at the heart of young children’s learning. Much teaching is delivered verbally; and children require good communication skills to make friends, to participate in group activities and to develop higher-level thinking skills. Children’s later achievements are dependent on their ability to communicate effectively. It is vitally important to ensure that we do everything that we can to help all children to become skilful and confident communicators.

The National Strategies, Early Years, Inclusion Development Programme, 2008

Have you ever wished you could link up with a support network who could guide you through your child’s communication milestones and ensure your little one is on track?

Sleeping patterns, weaning, toileting all seem a lot easier to succeed with when you have support on hand from useful resource manuals, friends and professionals.

Why is it that parents struggle to gain support and advice to develop their child’s communication skills, ensuring their child’s listening, understanding and spoken language is on track?

Here to help

Here at Integrated Treatment Services we know that preventative intervention ensures all children have the best start in life. If we can work with parents and their children as they start to develop communication, we can guarantee the need for a Speech and Language Therapy referral is reduced if not erased for most families.

We can offer an appointment with one of our qualified Speech and Language Therapists within the same week as your enquiry.

Our Supportive Parenting Services offers you the chance to get support and advice from a qualified therapist, in order to help your child to develop his/her skills in the following key areas:

  • Attention and Listening
  • Understanding of Language
  • Use of Language (Expression)
  • Speech Sounds
  • Social Skills
  • Play
  • Personal, Social and Emotional development
  • Other skills such as physical development

Our advice, strategies and activities will be practical and personalised to fit into your daily routines.

What does our Supportive Parenting Service offer?

*First Contact Supportive Package – £60

  1. You will need to record a 15 minute play session with your child at home. This session should reflect everyday life and therefore there is no pressure to set up a special activity. The 15 minute footage can be one continuous video or a combination of shorter videos.
  2. You will complete a Case History form and questionnaire about your child, your circumstances and daily routines.
  3. You will be assigned to a qualified Speech and Language therapist who will review your video and make notes regarding your child’s current communication skills. The therapist will complete a checklist to ensure your child is in line with his/her developmental milestones.
  4. You will attend a 45 minute Skype session with your therapist (without your child present). You will receive feedback regarding the positive interaction points we observed, along with opportunities you could use within your daily routines to extend your child’s communication skills.
  5. If necessary, we will set you targets to work on and demonstrate specific techniques/activities which we recommend you use.
  6. Following the online session we will send you a written summary and any prompt sheets to help you put the ideas into practice.

*The above package include case history collecting on line, the therapist’s time to watch the 15 minute video, a 45 minute online feedback session with the therapist, an overview of your child’s skills and any follow up materials the therapists feels would be suitable to email you.

*Follow up Package – £50 per follow up meeting

  • It is entirely your choice whether you wish to resubmit a new 15 minute video and book a follow up feedback session.
  • Follow up sessions will last 30 minutes and will enable us to comment and extend the techniques which you have used, help you to further perfect and extend techniques and to reevaluate your activities and advice strategies providing you with knew targets.
  • We would recommend follow up sessions take place no sooner than 3 weeks.

*The above package includes the therapists time to watch the 15 minute video, a 30 minute feedback session with the therapist and any follow up materials the therapists feels would be suitable to email you.

What if your child is identified as having a recognised Speech, Language or Communication Need?

If you child fits into the bracket of a mild developmental delay i.e. they are following typical patterns of development but are slightly delayed, it is unlikely you will need to access therapy beyond the supporting parenting package.

However, if our therapist has concerns about your child’s speech, language or communication after watching the video of your child and reviewing the case history, they will discuss your child’s needs with you in detail.

If this is the case and your child fits info the bracket of a Developmental delay, Speech delay or Language difficulty then the therapist may recommend direct 1:1 therapy with a Speech and Language Therapist.

What if my child already has a diagnosis or recognised Speech, Language or Communication needs?

If your child has a known diagnosis or developmental disorder, we will discuss your concerns with you during the initial referral stage.

We will help you chose an assessment and therapy package which best suits your child’s need.

How do I refer my child to your service?

You can make a referral to the Supportive Parenting Service by completing our Contact Page.

Please state your interest in the Supportive Parenting Service in the ‘Description of your enquiry’ section.

Once we receive your enquiry, one of our Specialist Speech and Language Therapist will call you to discuss the package further and to make your appointment.