Socially Speaking: Pragmatic Social Skills Programme for Pupils with Mild to Moderate Learning Disabilities

Social interaction is one of the most delicate times during a child’s education and for the majority of children with learning disabilities this social interaction is not something that comes naturally to them.

The importance of social interaction in terms of creating and maintaining relationships is vital, this will also help with a child’s independence when outside the school environment.

What is the approach?

Socially speaking offers a social skills programme for students with mild to moderate learning disabilities, physical and medical disabilities.

The programme includes three key areas;

  1. Let’s Communicate
  2. Let’s Be Friends
  3. Let’s Practice

Socially speaking aims to improve a pupil’s self esteem, listening skills and expressive language abilities.

Who can the approach be used by?

Socially speaking can be used with children with mild to moderate learning disabilities.

Today, socially speaking is used with a range of pupils who find it difficult to interact socially with others, it will also help a child gain their independence outside of the school environment.

Who can deliver the approach?

This approach can be implemented by therapists, school/support staff and family members.

A Speech and Language Therapist will work in collaboration with teaching staff/support workers to enable them to use the programme on an individual, group and whole class approach.