Makaton is a unique language programme providing a basic means of communication for adults and children with learning difficulties or communication problems. It is a well known type of Augmentative and Alternative Communication system.



Makaton comprises of Speech, Signs, and symbols and offers a functional method of communication, which can be easily carried over into daily life.

Makaton was developed from British Sign Language but is now a unique signing system.




  1. Signs key words within a sentence.
  2. Uses signs in word order.
  3. Uses spoken language and Makaton signs simultaneously
  4. Uses expressive features such as body language and appropriate facial expression
  5. Uses movement and direction
  6. Is a Universal language, and does not change by region or country

Who can use Makaton?

Makaton can be used with children and adults with a wide range of Speech, Language and Communication needs including but not limited to children and adults with;

  • profound, severe, moderate or mild learning disabilities
  • autistic spectrum conditions
  • learning disability
  • development delays
  • sensory impairment
  • specific language impairment

Parents, carers, professionals and friends use makaton to become effective communication partners.

Why use Makaton?

Makaton is a well known Augmentative and Alternative Communication system. It helps to

  • Develop basic communication and needs
  • Increase understanding
  • Support or supplement spoken language
  • Develop language skills, including spoken and written language
  • Improve social interaction and build meaningful relationships

Further information

For information on accessing makaton training get in touch with us, and one of our friendly therapists will be happy to guide you.

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