If you are successful in being shortlisted for a role with us we will contact you to arrange an interview. This is generally carried out over Skype, although for some roles a face to face interview may be planned in the relevant area of the country.

Skype interviews are informal in nature, but will include a number of short activities. The activities sheet will be distributed on the morning of the interview. This enables therapists to prepare, but with a relatively short period of time so that we can adequately assess his/her skills and knowledge.

Skype Guidelines

We want to ensure that your Skype call with Integrated Treatment Services goes as smoothly as possible. Below are a few simple guidelines to hopefully help the call go without a hitch!



If you are due to be joining us via a video call, now is the time to check whether your:

  • Webcam works
  • Microphone works
  • Internet bandwidth allows you to make video calls

Please note that you will not be able to join a group video call on a tablet or mobile phone, so you do need to use a Laptop or PC to gain the full benefits of the interview.  If you do not have use of a PC or laptop and can only use a tablet or phone you may only be able to join as a voice call.

You can use the Skype Echo/Sound test service to allow you to test your microphone. You can also check that your web cam is working by clicking on Tools > Options > Video Settings. There is also a comprehensive Skype support site, which can be found at https://support.skype.com/en/

If you experience problems, let us know before the call is due to take place and we’ll arrange to re-schedule the call.

The Skype call may be a multi person call.  You do not need specific software for this. ITS has a business account to allow 10 users to join a video call.

At the time of the session, please log into your Skype account and wait to be called.  If you ensure to answer the incoming call with ‘answer with video’ all should run smoothly.

 Your interview should last around 45-50 minutes and then you will be able to ask any questions about the role or Integrated Treatment Services during the time remaining.