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Guidance for full opening: special schools and other specialist settings – Updated 8th September

Lorraine Petersen has compared this document with the mainstream one that was updated on 28th August and has indicated the additional information for specialist settings. Purpose of this guidance In developing this guidance for... Read more

Top Ten Tips for preparing schools for September for pupils with SEND

1. Work closely with parent carers in everything that you are planning. For many students their parent carers have taken on the extended role of teacher, therapist, support worker and much more for nearly half a year. They have supported... Read more

Supporting your Child’s development

Sharing one more activity with you all before we break up for the Summer (phew we made it!). Activity: Teaching inferences from pictures Why?: The ability to make inferences is an important higher level skill. Simply put, making... Read more
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Where has all the “catch-up funding gone?”

As everyone was enjoying their half-term break the government announced a further £1.4bn to support COVID recovery in schools this which breaks down to £50 extra per pupil per year. The majority of this additional funding is to be spent... Read more

Catch-up for children with SEND – what will this look like going forward?

As we approach the milestone of one year since the country went into its first lock-down due to the global pandemic I thought it would be useful to consider what this has meant for pupils with special educational needs and... Read more

Supporting SEND pupils during the third lockdown

Who could have imagined that as they went on holiday in December, schools would be back in January trying to figure out what they were supposed to be doing?  The requirement to open up testing centres in all schools with secondary... Read more
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What are Speech Language Communications Needs (SLCN)?

Speech and Language skills develop throughout childhood and continue through adolescence. They develop following good foundations being in place:  attention and listening and play skills need to be in place first. What is Speech? What is... Read more

ITS Annual Conference

On Saturday 26th April you could find the ITS team down at the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapist’s (RCSLT) head office close to London Bridge, where we celebrated our annual team day and ITS Giving Voice event. Whist it... Read more

The 10 skills a child must have by the time they start school

I have read with great interest the recent developments this week relating to pre schools skills for children across the UK. “The 10 skills a child must have by the time they start school including being toilet trained and talking... Read more