Arranging personalised therapy for your care setting can be a demanding and time-consuming task. Integrated Treatment Services can work with you to map out an effective therapy plan which includes specialist tailored support for every one of your clients that requires it. In short, we can ensure that your care setting meets the highest therapy standards.

Integrated Treatment Services are well placed to offer clients within care settings a thorough assessment and therapy package to meet their individual needs. We do this by considering every aspect of your client’s learning, communication, independence and physical skills and emotional integrity.

We evaluate their therapy needs as a whole to include Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Arts Therapies, Educational Psychology and Clinical Psychology. Then we outline a clear and accurate plan as to how you can maximise your client’s development and help them reach their maximum potential.

We are experienced in working with commissioners and evaluation bodies to ensure that your care setting meets high therapy standards. Our therapists can present you or your commissioners with a personalised support package appropriate to each client. This will provide the information you need to include the cost of a personalised therapy package into their fees with clear justification.

What you can expect from Integrated Treatment Services


  1. An immediate response to your enquiry
  2. A free, no-obligation telephone consultation with a therapist
  3. Consideration of your setting’s overall needs to see how your clients can achieve their full learning potential and help you understand which of our range of therapies best meets their needs
  4. choice of therapists along with their profiles so you can decide if they are the right choice of therapist for your setting
  5. An appointment within one week of your enquiry
  6. A discussion regarding your therapy budget so we can offer the most cost-effective therapy plan. Our rates will always be honest and consistent
  7. A detailed assessment carried out by a fully qualified therapist
  8. A clear therapy plan tailored to meet your therapy budget and timetable, and the need for your clients to be seen in different settings
  9. The option of online therapy using Skype – feedback to your staff can take place online in the evening, training sessions can be delivered online to teach you about therapy methods to use with your clients
  10. A therapy manager within our service who will oversee your therapy provision and give you a single point of contact
  11. Sensitive and proactive therapists who fit in with your whole staff team, and gain your support and staff confidence
  12. All of our therapists have an MDT understanding of Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Art therapies and Psychological services, so they can identify the need for MDT input throughout their work
  13. A regular management review to ensure that you are happy with the level of service your setting is receiving

A successful care journey

We expect to work with your clients until they reach the therapy goals we have agreed. We won’t discharge them before they are able to functionally operate in the areas of need we have identified.  Above all, we aim to ensure that every single client in your care setting finishes therapy with our service 100% happier in their skills, and better able to function in their range of life environments.

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