We are growing our pool of UK based associate therapists for our online 1:1 therapy referrals.

The referral would begin with an initial assessment with the client which includes:

  • 40 mins – evaluating case history form and observing video footage sent over ahead of the online session.
  • 50 minutes – online with family – (child not present) going through the therapists notes from video, talking through the families concerns, agreeing 3 therapy target and demonstrating useful strategies and any activity ideas to work on each identified target
  • 30 minutes – writing up therapy targets – summary of needs and providing therapy strategies /activities/ useful links for parents/carers to work on the targets and also includes mandatory case note completion.

This totals 2 hours paid work for our assessments.

The work doesn’t need to require the young person to sit in front of a zoom assessment, however when appropriate the assessment may also include the child attending online to be assessed more directly. This will be decided between the therapist and parent / carers ahead of the session. The assessment could include:

  • asking the family for videos of every day communication strengths and needs and working with the parent on goals
  • using communication questionnaires as a method of assessment to establish strengths and needs
  • providing a PCIT approach to therapy and working with the parent to focus on key therapy areas, giving advice, strategies ans materials and then re evaluating progress 

Note: we also have opportunities for adult online caseloads.

It is possible to then build an online treating therapy caseload alongside your assessment work. The treating therapy time includes:

  • 45 mins Zoom session and 30 minutes prep/feedback allowance  

ITS will be responsible for invoicing their client directly and our associate therapists will invoice ITS each month. We offer competitive rates for our associate therapist work.

We will our terms and conditions to be read and signed by the associate therapist, provision of compliance documentation and a list of your specialisms / areas of interest.

ITS will set up our associate therapists on our case load system with an ITS email address for client communication purposes and will alert the associate therapists when a new referral comes in, they will need to accept / decline the referral. Please note there may be several therapists alerted to the referral so it will be on best match / first come, first served basis.

You must be a UK based therapist registered with HCPC.

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