Die Schüler haben viele Dinge zu tun, und sie können nicht immer die Zeit finden, ihre Aufgaben abzuschließen. Es ist jedoch keine gute Idee, diese hausarbeit schreiben lassen kostenAufgaben zu vernachlässigen.Es gibt viele Websites, auf denen Hausaufgabenhilfe angeboten werden, aber es ist wichtig, die richtige Auswahl zu erhalten. Sie müssen verschiedene Faktoren berücksichtigen, wie z. B. Detailniveau, Dringlichkeit und Erfahrung von Schriftstellern.

The demand for speech and language therapists has increased considerably over the last few years. The COVID pandemic exacerbated that demand with fewer UK based therapists available to school settings. Therapists have also experienced remote working and many have chosen to continue that flexible working approach.

If you have struggled to find a therapist for your school you should consider the remote therapy model, even if just for an interim period. 

For the remote provision we estimate you could have a therapist start with your setting within 1-2 weeks.

This is how the remote model works:

  • Communication passport being shared and help parents/carers to understand the young person’s communication needs. 
  • Sharing short video tutorials for parents/carers on communication methods being used – eg PECS, Visual timetable, Objects of reference, signing, choice boards, speech sound support, behaviour support etc. 
  • Supporting parent/carers on managing positive behaviour in young people to keep young people safe
  • Sharing advice sheets with parents / carers on the above
  • Phone Call or video call support to parent carers to understand pressing concerns regarding communication methods at home and / or behaviour needs of the young person and to devise  support to address immediate concerns 
  • Providing home learning materials and setting joint targets together where requested, so that  parents /carers can support the EHC learning needs to help the young person to maintain and progress where possible ski
  • A remote assessment tool can be used for those students who will not respond as well directly online in order to evaluate the student’s key communication needs, by collating the baseline information from familiar teaching staff and parents/carers.  This will enable target setting and for SLT programmes and functional communication advice to be delivered.
  • Those students who are better able to access online work alongside a key worker can be taken through both informal and formal assessments to provide a baseline of their communication skills, set up targets and a communication profile.
  • Formal and informal Assessment will be written up on to SLT reports to submit to the EHCP or review process.
  • For those students able to access the online sessions perhaps alongside a support worker. work directly, online interactive therapy sessions can take place
  • There are a huge range of online therapy applications we can implement to support online therapy access
  • To focus on upskilling of teaching staff through slideshare training sessions, small interactive online training sessions with therapists on key training areas.  Sharing of videos and materials to teach staff in key areas of SLT that can be implemented with the students. Focus sessions to work with a particular students targets, planning and discussing methods to promote their progress
  • To work on lesson planning and differentiation with teaching staff working remotely to prepare lessons for lessons
  • To coordinate resource making across teaching staff, to promote a bank of SLT resources accessible to the teaching team. Both environmental resources and programme resources

The above gives an overview of how the remote SLT model works. We have remote teams working very successfully at another college in London as well as other educational settings across England and all are working extremely well. We would of course continue to search for an onsite provision but this remote option could be put in place in the interim.