Following recent requests, this training session will take you through a step by step guide in administrating formal and informal assessments with Paediatric and Adult client groups.

The group will be divided into two and you will spend the day covering either Paediatric or Adult client groups depending on your preference. It will be possible to spend the half a day on each.

We shall cover:

– Administration and scoring the key formal assessments used across both caseloads
– Preparation required for assessment
– How to ensure attention and motivation throughout an assessment
– Feeding back verbally throughout and post assessment to the client, their parents, their carers, staff.

* Please note this course will not cover the writing up of assessments into a full report, as there would not be adequate time to cover the range of assessments within the day otherwise,. Therefore please book onto report writing too if this is of importance to you.

Cost £40 – Date and Venue TBC