Integrated Treatment Services are able to support international families locating therapy both within the UK and abroad.

We appreciate that many families are spending greater time between the UK and their native home, thus requiring access to therapy in more than one country.

With this in mind, we offer a face to face and online therapy provision, allowing children and adult’s to access specialist multi disciplinary assessment both within the UK and abroad.

Our clients can access:

  • Speech and Language Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Play Therapists
  • Music Therapists
  • Art Therapists
  • Drama Therapists
  • Educational Psychologists
  • Creative Expressive Therapists
  • Clinical and Neuro psychologists

Our Multi disciplinary team are able to fully assess the client and draw together a comprehensive summary report, outlining the client’s strengths and needs, as well as drawing up therapy targets and information about approaches and services which can help.

We can provide therapy assessment close to all the major airports in the UK:

  • London Heathrow airport
  • Luton airport
  • Birmingham International  airport
  • Nottingham East Midlands airport
  • Southampton airport
  • Leeds Bradford International Airport

What you can expect from Integrated Treatment Services


  1. An immediate response to your enquiry
  2. A free telephone consultation with a therapist to answer all of your questions with no obligation to go ahead with an appointment
  3. Consideration of your overall needs to see how the client  can achieve their full learning potential and help you understand which of our range of therapies best meets their needs
  4. A choice of therapists presented to you along with their profiles so you can decide if they are the right choice of therapist
  5. A phone call with the therapist if you would prefer to speak to them directly over the telephone or Skype before booking your assessment date
  6. An appointment within one week of your enquiry – we don’t have waiting lists and will never keep you waiting
  7. A discussion regarding your therapy budget so we can maximise the use of your budget to offer the most effective therapy plan. Our rates will always be honest and consistent
  8. A detailed assessment carried out by a fully qualified therapist
  9. A detailed report outlining the therapy findings in full
  10. A clear therapy plan tailored to meet your therapy budget, your family’s timetable and the need for the client to be seen in different settings, such a their home or thier school
  11. The option of online therapy using Skype. For example, feedback to you as parents can take place online in the evening, training sessions can be delivered to you and your family online to teach you about therapy methods to use.

Following assessment many of our client’s have indicated that they would like to be guided through therapy with our team. We have therefore developed the options to use ‘online’ therapy to support therapy back at home.

  • Programmes can be developed and monitored, providing updated material online
  • Parents and carers can be supported with online tutorials, guiding them through therapy approaches and answering questions which they have about their child/family member in between face to face appointments
  • School staff and care staff can be supported through online therapy. Our UK therapists can liaise with teaching staff and care staff online and guide them through therapy advice and lesson ideas
  • Personalised training can even be delivered online for parents, carers, teaching and care staff

Our therapists will also consider international visits, to provide therapy in the clients native home.

We will support all the arrangements for you, bringing together which therapists you require for assessment.  We can also support you and your family finding accommodation as well as locating activities to entertain siblings during your visit.

We are happy to work with your Embassy as well as private health care providers AXA, PPP, Bupa, to support you finding your assessment and therapy services.

If you are looking for International therapy support between the UK and another country, I.T.S would be happy to hear from you.

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Are you an International Therapist looking for support from Integrated Treatment Services?

Integrated Treatment Services has a passion for sharing knowledge and resources with our colleagues across the globe. We believe that by networking together, we can all share our skills, knowledge and understanding of the complex needs of our clients.  We are better together as a community of international therapist than if working alone.

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If you are an international therapist looking for a support network, look up our International Therapists Network here on Linkedin:


Our International Therapy Network is an international networking group for Speech and Language Therapists and Associated Professionals.


A place to come together as an international team to share good practice, resources, training materials, journal reviews, evidence based practice and good peer support.