Our team understand the importance of clients accessing one to one therapy.

We recognise the important therapy skills which our therapists can offer to a child/adult, teacher/care staff and to parents/carers.

We ensure that direct 1;1 therapy is tailored to the needs and motivators of our clients, this includes understanding their indivualised hobbies, motivators and most important, their own personal goals and targets – what they hope to achieve.  For some of our clients this is improved speech clarity, for others it is greater independence.

We are providing 1:1 online assessments and therapy sessions for families and you can complete the form here to find out more about this service. Generally we can match families with a therapist within 2 weeks of them signing their consent to treat form.

It is our job as therapists to provide our clients with information to make informed choices, providing details about a range of therapy approaches which could help them achieve their desired outcomes. We believe in including the client and their family in the decision making.

1:1 therapy can take place in a setting to suit the client;

  • In our client’s home
  • In our client’s extended family’s home/child care setting
  • In our client’s learning environment
  • In our client’s local community
  • In our client’s working environment

We will use Therapy Outcome Measures (TOMs) to measure our clients progress and include our clients in their own evaluation of their response to agreed targets. We can use video baselining to capture a baseline of the clients skills and to act as a point of comparison to measure progress.

1;1 therapy can undertake different formats;

  • Direct observation of the client in a setting such as school, in the day centre
  • Activities through client led play/interaction
  • Table top activities

We do believe there is strength in training up parents/carers, teaching staff and care staff to be actively able to carry out therapy programmes and strategies in-between direct therapy sessions. It is well known that daily practice for short burst will achieve better outcomes than one session per week from a therapist alone.

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