Developed by Down Syndrome Education, USA and Down Syndrome Education International (DSE), See and Learn programmes are designed for children with Down Syndrome. See and Learn is an evidence-based approach that enhances visual learning.

See-and-learn-logoThese resources offer practical ways for parents, carers and professionals to promote development of language, speech, reading, memory and numeracy.

See and Learn Language and Reading programme:

  • See and Learn First Word Pictures:  This is designed for children who are at the first stage of learning language. It contains activities and resources to help children learn 60 common first words using pictures. It promotes early visual learning by using activities for matching and selecting pictures.
  • See and Learn First Written Words:  When children have a receptive vocabulary of 50 single words and are able to match pictures, they move on to the next step which provides activities to teach 16 familiar written words and 34 phrases containing two ‘key’ words.
  • See and Learn More Word Pictures The next step uses visually-based matching, selecting and naming activities to help children learn 55 new words that are common in early vocabularies.
  • See and Learn First Sentences provides activities to teach ‘sight’ reading of 16 new written words (supplementing those introduced in See and Learn First Written Words). These written words are then used in four books illustrating a variety of sentences (with pictures) with three ‘key’ content words. The types of sentences illustrated reflect the types of three word sentences that are typical at this early stage of language development.

See and Learn Speech programme:

  • See and Learn Playing with Sounds provides practice for listening to sounds, auditory discrimination and producing sounds in isolation.
  • See and Learn Putting Sounds Together provides the resources (sound cards and picture cards) and guidance to give children with Down syndrome practice at blending sounds together.

The Reading and Language Intervention programme is a recent addition to these resources. It was developed following ground-breaking research using randomised control trials.

iPad apps: Special words and Special Stories are designed to encourage children to recognise written words and spoken words using pictures and sounds.

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