Secure your CPD packages for September 2022

Integrated Treatment Services provide an exceptional standard of therapy services to meet the needs of children and adults throughout the UK at home, clinic or in school.

We would like to use our expertise and knowledge to offer high quality CPD packages to NQT’s.

NQT CPD Support Package

This programme will be open to all SLTs who are yet to sign off their RCSLT competencies.

From September we will be offering a 11-month package of evening sessions. These will take place virtually on the first week of the month from 7pm – 8.00 pm. As well as the CPD sessions you will also have access to an NQP peer network.

CPD certificates for attendance at each session can be arranged.

The programme for the 11 months is below.

The date of each month’s session is to be confirmed, dependent on the speaker. Details of the sessions including dates, joining instructions and speaker profile will be sent ahead of the start of the schedule.

For details of costs please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

You can ‘add on’ to your NQT experience with packages for clinical supervision and licensed training.

Clinical Supervision Package

  • 1:1 clinical supervision with named supervisor to support you through your competencies. The RCSLT guideline on supervision frequency for an NQT is 1 hour / weekly during the first 3 months; 1 hour / monthly thereafter;

For details of costs please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Licensed Training courses

  • extra licensed training courses
    • Colourful Semantics
    • Talk Boost
    • Elkan or Hanen
    • Word Aware
    • Talking Mats
    • Makaton
    • Shape Coding
    • AAC – low tech and high tech overview for successful SLT work
    • SEN training – – understanding and implementing the code of practice for SENCOS/SEN staff – Lorraine Petersen OBE.

For details of costs please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

As an NQT you can purchase your NQT support package yourself, or your place of work may wish to fund the CPD support packages for you to ensure you receive the appropriate compliance and supervision required in your role.

For dates and costs please complete the form below:

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