What is the role of an Educational Psychologist?

Many of our children and young people require support from an Educational Psychologist to help them:

  • Achieve their educational potential
  • Access the educational and functional curriculum’s to the best of their abilities.
  • Understand acceptable ways to present their views, wants and needs, reducing negative behaviour.
  • Understand their strengths and needs in order to achieve their goals.

What is the role of a Clinical Psychologist?

Clinical psychologists aim to improve the emotional and psychological well being of their clients. They work with a range of clients including but not limited to people with:

  • Mental Health Problems
  • Degenerative diseases
  • Challenging Behaviour
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Drug and Alcohol abuse
  • Eating Disorders
  • Personal Relationships

Many of our children and young people and adults require support from a Clinical Psychologist to help them:

  • Understand their emotions and how to present them in an acceptable manner to others.
  • Understand route causes for emotions and how to live in acceptance of this
  • Understand how they present and how this is perceived by others.
  • Acknowledge frustrations, fears and anxieties.

As part of their role Psychologists  will:

  • Carry out detailed assessments including psychometric assessments and assessments of verbal and non verbal IQ.
  • Create therapy interventions to address the individual’s needs
  • Work alongside other professionals to create joint therapy goals
  • Provide emotional support for carers/parents

All our Psychology partners are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and the British Psychological Society.


Accessing Psychology Services:

Integrated Treatment Services are able to offer appointments within one week of referral and will not keep you waiting for ongoing appointments when needed.  We do not waiting lists so if we are unable to see you immediately we will help sign post you to a service which can.

Integrated Treatment Services will always support you accessing the statutory services (Health/Education) which you are entitled to.  We can top up services when statutory services are not available to you.  We can work alongside statutory services forming joint plans, when support and services you would like to access are not readily provided for.  You can equally choose to contract our services as an alternative to statutory services, which is common practice for many schools/care settings, commissioners and individuals.

Integrated Treatment Services are active partners with charities and vouchers schemes which enable our clients to access our support.

Integrated Treatment Services are registered with all the large insurance companies, therefore if you have insurance cover you may wish to check your policy. Registered providers include: BUPA, Aviva, AXA/PP.

If you require support from an Psychologist or would like further questions answered call us on 0845 838 2921.

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