Parent Strategies for Support

Starting school is an exciting time for your child. It can also be a daunting time for them – there is a lot for them to get used to!

With preparation and practice, you can help your child to make this transition easier.

We are providing 1:1 online assessments and therapy sessions for families and you can complete the form here to find out more about this service. Generally we can match families with a therapist within 2 weeks of them signing their consent to treat form.

We have put together some helpful strategies and contact details to support you in this process.

The new EYFS ‘Development Matters’ Curriculum starts in September 2021.

There are 7 assessment areas in the ‘3 and 4 year olds’ section. Click on the assessment areas below for further information:-

During the school year, your child will be assessed by their teacher against these skills.

You can start preparing your child with a simple checklist of activities that can easily be done at home. See more about checklists here …

Should you feel your child has special educational needs, visit our support and advice page for further information …

Why we are encouraging school readiness and the impact COVID-19 has had on our children

We are sure you will agree, it has been 14 months that we would much like to forget and put behind us, however, we cannot be complacent on the impact it has had on our children and we need to focus on their development catch up now without delay.

The impact on our children has included increasing rates of mental health problems and the potential harm being done to the development of babies, the pandemic is threatening to have a devastating legacy on the nation’s young. Research shows the first two to three years of a baby’s life is the most crucial period of human development. This has become known as the 1,001 days agenda. If children fall behind, they can find themselves at a lifelong disadvantage. Social distancing rules mean for a lot of parents the only support they have received has been online. Meanwhile, the absence of baby and parent groups, and the friendships that naturally develop from them, has meant the babies of the pandemic have not benefited from the stimulus of social contact that is vital to their development.

There has been a significant impact on the 7 assessment areas:

Source: COVID-19 series briefing on early years October 2020

As parents look forward to their child starting school in September 2021 they are now looking at how their child can ‘catch up’ in their development.

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