Integrated Treatment Services offer case managers and solicitors reliable, high quality therapy intervention. Our therapists have been working with case managers and solicitors for over 15 years. We understand the unique relationship between the therapist, the case manager, the client and the client’s family. We have a great deal of experience in handling this relationship with tact, sensitivity and the utmost professionalism.

What you can expect from Integrated Treatment Services


  1. We can provide you with a full team of experts to call upon whenever you identify a therapy need for a new or existing client.
  2. Our experts include: SLT, OT, Physio, Music Therapists, Drama Therapists, Art Therapists, Play Therapists, Educational and Clinical Psychologist.
  3. We provide therapist’s with all the latest tools and equipment to implement the latest evidence based therapy techniques.
  4. We co ordinate the therapy services you need to provide you with a single point of referral.
  5. We provide you with full costings for assessment and ongoing treatment.
  6. Our therapists can see your client for assessment within one week of referral.  Equally we acknowledge the timescales to agree therapy, so we will always aim to honour the same therapist put forward even when the go ahead is agreed weeks or months later.
  7. We provide a detailed report outlining findings and recommendations within one week of the initial consultation, unless a period of ongoing assessment is required.
  8. Our therapists are very familiar with working with each other on joined up cases, this can promote time savings and cost savings to you and your client.
  9. We offer a  joint introductory visit if you wish to introduce the therapist to your client
  10. We can even support you dipping in and out of therapy services as the client needs change  e.g when you have a greater need in one clinical area eg Arts Therapies rather than another eg SLT you can change your level throughout the year without keeping all therapists actively involved with your client
  11. We also ensure we can support the application for EHC plans and Personal budgets, so that your clients statutory entitlements are being recognised before funding additional top up services.
  12. We provide you with a full professional clear profile for each therapist  – HCPC registration, Professional Body registration; RCSLT, DBS clear checkProfessional Indemnity Insurance. It is our responsibility to manage the HR compliancy of your therapist, ensuring all checks and professional licenses are up to date and in line with OFSTED standards.
  13. We supervise and manage your therapists to ensure they are 100% competent and efficient in their work.
  14. We believe in informed choice ensuring your client’s are aware of all the possible evidence based therapy interventions they can choose between.
  15. We ensure your therapist’s access a team of clinical leads, providing second opinions in each and every clinical field e.g  ABI, TBI, ASD, Dyslexia, Dyspaxia, etc
  16. We provide the option of using online therapy using Skype allowing your client to access therapy as and when it’s needed
  17. We ensure liaison with all the multi-disciplinary therapists within the team
  18. We ensure attendance at review meetings to update joint goal setting
  19. We ensure quarterly updated reports and therapy costs proposal – or more frequently if required

Our team of therapists are highly skilled in working with clients with either:

  • Acquired brain injury, or
  • Traumatic brain injury

Our multi-disciplinary team includes Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Creative Expressive Therapists working in music, art, dance, and drama, and Psychologists specialising in educational, clinical and cognitive neuro-psychology. We evaluate each client using our multi-professional insight, and can accurately evaluate which therapies will maximise their skills.

Working together, we then develop a therapy plan with your client and their family, based on our clinical recommendations, their time availability and of course the available budget for treatment.

Above all, we believe in consistency. That’s why we assign named therapists to the client and their family throughout the assessment, the therapy process and to the point of discharge.

We believe in working in all areas of the client’s life – home, education, extended family, work and in their local community. We also understand the importance of helping both care and education staff to effectively support the daily therapy needs of the client. As part of this support, we are always ready to train parents, carers and education staff about the client’s unique therapy needs.

A successful conclusion

Naturally, we expect your client to complete their course of therapy, and we won’t discharge them until they are successfully functioning as we would expect. Clearly, every client or their family or carers can choose to end therapy sooner. If so, we would write a summary discharge duty of care report outlining our therapy plan, the targets that have been worked on and our recommendations for the future.

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