Active Listening for Active Learning is a resource created by Maggie and Carolyn which shares a range of effective strategies to help all children in mainstream and specialist settings.

What is Active Listening for Active Learning?

This programme is a six part resource and focus on the following areas;

  1. Creating a safe environment
  2. Further investigation and planning
  3. Linking language to social interaction
  4. Concepts to understanding and knowledge
  5. Developing classification skills
  6. Maintaining listening skills

The resource aims to help children to;

  • Improve their two-way communication
  • Improve their Attention and listening skills
  • Develop and trust their judgement
  • View mistakes as part of the learning process
  • Seek support in an appropriate and timely manner

Who is the resource used with?

The resource is aimed at 4-12 year-olds, however the principles apply to all age groups. The resource can be used in:

  • Preschool settings
  • School settings
  • Specialist educational schools/resource centres
  • Adapted for older students
  • Used with teenagers with special needs.

Who can deliver the resource?

The resource is ideal for teachers and teaching staff. It is user friendly and easy to follow. Each part of the programme has its own resource section, many of which are photocopiable.

The programme is a great whole school/wholeclass approach, but can also be used to support individual education plans and provide additional activities for pupils with specific attention and listening problems.

It is a well structured programme which includes observation and assessment, planning and intervention, along with photocopiable charts and record sheets. Additional teaching points are set in shaded boxes for emphasis.

Further Information