At Integrated Treatment Services, our goal is always to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

At Integrated Treatment Services, our team of therapists are committed to passing on their knowledge about therapy, and training those who work with our clients to maximise the outcomes we can achieve together.

We provide training to;

  • Mainstream pre-schools and schools
  • Special educational needs settings
  • Day and residential care centres
  • Local Authorities
  • Youth Offending Teams
  • Charities and voluntary organisations
  • Parents and extended families
  • Adults and associated care staff
  • Workplace training

In addition, we support multi-disciplinary teams including Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, nursing and medical staff as well as Speech and Language Therapy departments.

Training for Schools and Academies:

With an emphasis on quality first teaching Integrated Treatment Services offer a range of training days for Leadership teams, SENCo’s, Teachers and Teaching Assistants. We offer a wide range of courses to help every teacher to become a confident teacher of children with SEN. We can create a specialist, personalised course for you by collating the needs of your setting.

Click here to find out about our range of training on evidence based approaches.

Our training philosophy

Our approach to training differs from traditional methods. We believe in observing the setting to personalise the training, using real life examples including case studies, video footage and curriculum/activity ideas. We also like to encourage personal involvement from the participants to support active learning, and spend time discussing real life events from the setting. In addition, we support treatment with follow-up coaching sessions and make our training accessible to staff teams, by offering twilight sessions, evening, weekend and online training.

The training process

We offer a wide range of training through our roster of highly qualified speech and language professionals and associated therapists. This means we can deliver a variety of specific expertise and experience including all of the latest approaches and information, in a cost-effective package which can be tailored to your budget.

When we are asked to carry out training, a therapist from our team will discuss the skills and training needs of the staff, and the daily routines and character of the client group with the settings co-ordinator. We will carry out an environmental observation of the setting and take video footage, where consent is given, to use within our training. Real life examples are essential to make the training meaningful and relevant to everyone taking part.

Finally, we will also arrange follow-up sessions within your setting. This allows for further problem solving and questions to be answered, which often crop up after the training has been delivered.

Our range of training offered by our team of speech and language therapists includes;

  • Speech and Language delay/disorder
  • Developmental delay/disorder
  • Preventative therapy approaches
  • Parent child interaction/Hanon approaches
  • Speech sounds and literacy development
  • Phonological awareness skills
  • Play and imagination
  • Social communication
  • Visual communication environments
  • Signs and symbols
  • Communication systems
  • Low tech communication
  • High tech communication
  • Learning disabilities and approaches, for example, Intensive Interaction
  • Challenging behaviour
  • Specific approaches considering a child’s diagnosis
  • I.E.P development
  • Curriculum differentiation

We can also provide further multi-disciplinary training from:

  • Occupational therapists – sensory integration, hand-writing programmes, hoisting and manual handling, fine and gross motor skills, dyspraxia and much more
  • Creative Expressive therapists – communication opportunities, finding alternative means to express yourself
  • Clinical Psychologists – behaviour analysis, recording behaviour patterns, levels of cognition and so on
  • Educational Psychologists – breaking down the curriculum, looking at access and other issues

Online training

Online training offers enormous flexibility to parents, teachers and care staff. That’s why we regularly run an online training schedule available to anyone and which covers a range of topics above.

Online training can be a great way to teach members of the family – for example when learning to sign with a family member. It can also be very useful to schools and care settings, who want their staff to take a training module on a particular topic.

Centralised training:

We host centrally run training courses throughout the year in a number of regions throughout the UK. We update our site regularly with the next training dates here

If you cannot see the next date for your desired course please get in touch and we will put your name on the waiting list.

To discuss all of your training needs in more detail, call us on 0845 838 2921 for a complimentary telephone consultation. You can also email or complete the enquiry form below:

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Preferred Training Times:

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