This is an informal baseline assessment to give you a starting point for intervention. It can also be used for monitoring progress. You can repeat the assessment after at least 6 months intervention and see what improvements have been made. Do not do this too often, otherwise the child may become too familiar with the materials and responses.

INTERVENTION:- It is important to make progress equally across each sentence type. Aim to target each sentence type to move them all up to the same level e.g. 3 key elements :- WHO DOING WHAT, WHO DOING WHERE, DOING WHAT WHERE, DOING WHAT Who TO. Then you can move onto adding another element e.g. 4 elements :- WHO DOING WHAT+Cloud, WHO DOING WHAT WHERE, WHO DOING WHAT Who TO.

Once you get to regular use of 4 elements you should start to see some more grammar words and markers emerging e.g. ‘is + verb’, the/a verb tense endings ‘ing’. If not, you can start to emphasise these in the activities. If it is the right time for your child, they should tune into your modelling and copy your examples. If it is really hard for them to do this, it is too early to introduce more grammatical elements.

Please do not use these materials and sentences examples as a teaching tool. If you do this you will not be able to use this assessment to monitor real life progress, because you will have taught the child what to say.

Use the sentence types with your own vocabulary and resources as you plan your interventions. It is always great to use vocabulary and resources familiar to the child or to include topic vocabulary and resources to enable innervations to support the curriculum.