Does your child use Colourful Semantics at school?

This course will be useful to you if you can answer yes to any of these questions:

– Is your child or young person using colourful semantics at school?
– Would you like to understand the approach more and begin using it in your home and during community activities with your child?

Book onto our ONLINE colourful semantics course for parents and carers where we shall help you understand the approach and why it can be so successful for your child – we are taking names of families who are interested in this course.

  • We will provide you with handouts to help you once you start using the approach at home
  • We will put you in touch with other parents and carers
  • We will also offer you support through our website, help you to access further resources useful in the home and to answer your questions once you start using the approach at home

All of our training is delivered by our own ITS training team.

What is Colourful Semantics

Colourful Semantics is the ‘meaning of the words’ and this is made colourful by breaking down and colour coding different parts of a sentence.  Colourful Semantics is a speech and language therapy intervention that indirectly works on developing a child’s grammar through the use of:

  • Spoken sentences
  • Answering W/H questions
  • Use of nouns, verbs, prepositions and adjectives
  • Story telling skills
  • Written sentences  and language comprehension

You will be able to work through the Colourful Semantics programme to encourage the child to create sentences. This is initially taught by focusing on sorting out colours, which will then progress to an understanding that there are different parts that make up a sentence.

The overall aim is for the child to eventually produce grammatical and informational sentences.

The 4 key levels are:

Level 1 – Who?  The Dog.  Subject – (ORANGE)

Level 2 – What doing?  Is playing with.  Verb – (Yellow)

Level 3 – What?  The Ball.  Object (Green)

Level 4 – Where?  In the Garden.  Location (Blue)

Who can attend

The course is open to anyone who is looking to learn more about supporting their child or young person who is using Colourful Semantics at school or whom you wish to support with the package at home