Welcome Back! SENCO Support for the next academic year

The first month of the new academic year is over and SENCOs across the country will have been getting to grips with all of the SEND challenges that they will face over the next twelve months. Whether you are new to role or an... Read more

SEND Review: Right support: Right place: Right time

Click on the link below to read the article on Lorraine Petersen's... Read more

How can I improve my child’s speech sounds with home schooling?

Ten top tips to improve your child’s speech at home:- Make a list of the sounds your child is confusing  eg they say ‘tea’ for 'sea’ so 's' is confused.  They say ‘Jojjy’ for ‘lolly’ so 'l' is confused.Make sure they... Read more

How do schools get their pupils back into school?

When will the Schools White Paper, SEND Green Paper and Independent Reviews of Children’s Social Care be published? It has been a very challenging and difficult two years and schools have continuously provided education for their... Read more

What do I need to do to get my child ready for school following the Covid-19 pandemic?

Many parents/carers are starting to evaluate the effects of the pandemic on their pre-schoolers.  With the lack of preschool/nursery experience setting them up for the school, this is turning into one of the largest concerns for... Read more

Where has all the “catch-up funding gone?”

As everyone was enjoying their half-term break the government announced a further £1.4bn to support COVID recovery in schools this which breaks down to £50 extra per pupil per year. The majority of this additional funding is to be spent... Read more

Catch-up for children with SEND – what will this look like going forward?

As we approach the milestone of one year since the country went into its first lock-down due to the global pandemic I thought it would be useful to consider what this has meant for pupils with special educational needs and... Read more

Supporting SEND pupils during the third lockdown

Who could have imagined that as they went on holiday in December, schools would be back in January trying to figure out what they were supposed to be doing?  The requirement to open up testing centres in all schools with secondary... Read more

In changing times, do you require a change in speech and language therapy provider in your school or college?

It's to be expected that given this global pandemic you might be looking to reevaluate your Speech and Language Therapy service model to ensure you have secured the most flexible solutions for your ever changing needs. With... Read more

Are there downsides to using behaviour management systems with children?

The effects of behaviour management systems on children’s social, emotional and mental health is a hot topic amongst parents right now.  The use of sticker charts, colour-coded systems and rewards to influence children’s... Read more