Who is the baseline assessment for?

  • Verbal children
  • Children who are using language to communicate but are struggling to put words together or who are able to use language/sentences to request but need support with using language to describe.
  • Children who use sentences but may use the incorrect word order e.g. ‘playing outside the boy’ or children who miss out function words e.g. is, a, the – boy kicking ball.
  • Children aged 3+
  • You may want to use the toy alternative option for younger children or children who may struggle to concentrate on the pictures. When using the toy assessment, you may not be able to elicit more complex sentences such as why they are feeling a certain way (Sentence E), but you will still be able to elicit Who + Cloud e.g. the boy is happy by portraying the emotion yourself.
  • Toy based assessment:- you are trying to elicit a particular sort of sentence type, the vocabulary does not have to be exactly the same. So you can substitute any toys that you have to hand that work for this sentence if necessary.