• Not scary – do not panic they are in place to help and support you within your first SLT role.
  • What are they?  – The framework is based upon core clinical competencies (Model of professional practice, RCSLT, 2001).
    Dimension 1 – Communication
    Dimension 2 – Personal and people development
    Dimension 3 – Health, safety and security
    Dimension 4 – Service improvement
    Dimension 5 – quality
    Dimension 6 – Equality and diversity
    Dimension 7- Assessment and care planning to meet health and well being needs
    Dimension 8 – Health and wellbeing – Interventions
    Dimension 9 – Locally driven
  • Where can the paperwork be found? – Follow this link to download the framework and for more info click here or read more on the ITS NQP Scheme here.
  • How do I collect evidence observations/CPD/supervision/caseload? –
    Evidence from casenotes
    reflective diaries
    photographs of evidence
    discussions with peers and supervisors
    certificates of attendance for mandatory training.
  • The new framework expected 2017/2018 – WATCH THIS SPACE