Our team at Integrated Treatment Services are keen to ensure we offer our client’s maximum choice and flexibility when deciding upon which therapy services to take up.

We believe in making our clients aware of the range of options available, this includes:

  1. One to One therapy
  2. Group therapy
  3. Online therapy
  4. Consultative support
  5. Contracted therapy within a setting

We personalise all of our services to your unique needs. Therefore if you are seeking support which does not appear to be available, we would encourage you to make contact with us and discuss your needs in more detail.

We are happy to develop services which you request across the country, such as therapy groups, adult support groups, training sessions.  Equally if you would like to see a service in your area, but you do not know of others who require such support, we are happy to collate interest and develop a local service for  you when the target numbers are reached.

Developing services as a group of clients, can be much more cost effective for our clients.  Examples where we have developed services based on request are;

  • A group of adults looking for post stroke support
  • A number of ABI clients looking for social peers to set up a functional therapy group
  • A cluster of schools or nurseries seeking support across their settings
  • A group of parents seeking support for their own child
  • A group of parents whose children have special educational needs looking for  us to set up a summer camp

We invite you to read further information about how we deliver therapy under the relevant  pages of our site. You can also read further information about the client groups we work with and the therapy approaches we deliver.

If you would like to discuss your therapy needs with a member of our team, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Get in touch to work with us