Dramatic Enactment is a way to embrace a chosen role via different ‘dramatic’ methods to explore aspects of the individual’s sense of self and physicality.

No theatrical or acting ability is required for Dramatic Enactment as the individual will be working within a chosen role rather than acting.

The following elements may be incorporated in Dramatic Enactment;

  • Movement
  • Voice
  • Dance
  • Character Development
  • Improvisation

The physicality may derive from a familiar source such as an existing story or myth or may arise from a personally created story such as the Six Part Story Method.

The Dramatic Enactment of the story or excerpt may take the form of a direct enactment, an improvised piece, a dance/movement based enactment or a frozen frame/photograph of specific scenes.

Dramatic enactment may not only relate to the aspect of the ‘action’ itself, but also the role of the ‘audience’.  Within therapy the element of ‘witnessing’ or being an audience member may be of the highest importance to the individual.  The individual may not require the therapist or fellow group members to join in with the enactment, witnessing the exploration and journey may be all that is required. By witnessing, the therapist or group member can acknowledge the work of the individual, this may require a large amount of trust on the part of the individual for this part of the ‘role’ to be seen and heard.

The individual or group can experience the embodiment of the character first hand and incorporate a new voice, sound, body shape and movement for the character.

This method can allow the individual to experience a role which incorporates the behaviours and character traits which may not come naturally to the individual outside of the role.  The individual can practice these behaviours, physicalities and reactions in a safe environment, facilitated by a supporting therapist, before testing the new behaviours in the ‘real world’.  This environment allows for mistakes to be made and risks to be taken in order to see things from a different perspective, gain confidence and a sense of self.

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