Do you need immediate speech and language therapy support for your school?

Book your school based online Speech Therapy session here. *refer to pre-booking actions at the bottom of this page before booking your session


Benefits of Booking Online Speech Therapy for Schools

  • Book your full day (7 hours) or half day (3.5 hours) using our online booking system. We have immediate availability. 
  • Schedule the session dates / times to suit you.
  • No contract  – book session by session as and when you need. 
  • We can still help you source onsite face to face Speech therapy whilst you get started online.
  • Whilst the SLT workforce pool is significantly reduced and causing many delays for schools finding onsite therapists, we can assure you our online provision will offer you a great alternative whilst we keep recruiting a face to face SLT  for you.

How To Use Your Sessions

Direct Work With Students

  • Formal and informal assessment 
  • Setting of therapy targets
  • Online therapy sessions as a follow up to assessment 
  • Provding therapy programme intervention plans
  • Generation of identified individualised therapy resources where needs indicate
  • Reports for the EHC process and online attendance at EHC planning meeting where requested
  • Group therapy sessions 
  • Paired and small group therapy sessions
  • Attendance online at Individual Education Plan Reviews meetings where requested 
  • Multi–disciplinary team work and online attendance at meetings where needs indicate

For Students Unable to Access Online Therapy
  • For those students unable to access online therapy assessment directly we can make observations via class based and home based videos  alongside discussion with teaching staff / parent / carers to enable target setting. 
  • A remote assessment tool – the ACT (Assessing Communication Together or an alternative baseline tool) to evaluate students’ key communication needs, by collating the baseline information from familiar teaching staff and parents / carers.  This will enable target setting and communication profiling for students who aren’t suitable for face to face online assessment. 

Support to Teachers
  • Debriefing sessions for teaching staff, explaining assessment outcomes and therapy recommendations. 
  • Hand holding sessions for teaching assistants to help them implement therapy recommendations.
  • Small interactive online training sessions with therapists on key training areas.  Sharing of videos and materials to teach staff in key areas of SLT relating to their student’s presenting needs. 
  • Lesson planning and differentiation with teaching staff.

Parent / Carer Support
  • Communication passport being shared and help parents / carers to understand the young person’s communication needs. 
  • Sharing short video tutorials for parents/carers on communication methods being used – eg PECS, visual timetable, objects of reference, signing, choice boards, speech sound support, behaviour support etc. 
  • Supporting parent / carers on managing positive behaviour in young people to keep young people safe.
  • Sharing advice sheets with parents / carers on the above.
  • Phone call or video call support to parent carers to understand pressing concerns regarding communication methods at home and / or behaviour needs of the young person and to devise  support to address immediate concerns .
  • Providing home learning materials and setting joint targets together where requested, so that  parents /carers can support the EHC learning needs to help the young person to maintain and progress where possible skills.

Online SLTs can also address the following levels:

Service Level
  • Policy review and development work.
  • Service wide development work.
  • Curriculum development work.
  • Multi professional team development work.
  • Whole schools training.
  • Therapy planning meetings. 

Service Delivery

In line with professional guidelines, ITS therapists can deliver a maximum of either:

  • 7 x 30 minute individual sessions per day; Or
  • 3 group sessions per day; Or
  • 4 video observations; Or
  • A combination of the above as agreed by the named service level representatives.
  • Casenotes and all SLT administration related to the client, falls within the paid hours.

*Actions Before Booking Your SLT Sessions

Complete the Consent For Therapy Assessment form (this will not be required for any student who has SaLT named in their EHC plan). We require all signed forms scanned and emailed to us ahead of the planned session date (no less than 24 hours before the session date).

Sign our Speech and Language Engagement Form.

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