The heritage and history of Myths and Fairytales enables the individual to access support, advice and a sense of universality through a distanced, metaphorical story. Pre-existing stories carry wisdom and meaning, which are not necessarily automatically acquired by the individual at specific developmental stages or maturation.

The question of existence, how the individual fits into the world and their perception of their role in it is a perennial question for children and adults.  Growth, experience, understanding of the self and others, mistakes and learning from them, identifying obstacles and creating strategies to overcome them are all key parts of the individual’s personal progression.

Through Myths and Fairytales, the individual can find a character or situation with which they identify.  They can then use this story to find a deeper meaning in a metaphorical and distanced manner.

Similarly to the Six Part Story Method, Myth and Fairytales may assist an individual to access a story which they may have difficulty reaching.  The individual may find the spoken word difficult and feel anxious about conveying their story.  Whereas the Six Part Story Method focuses on the individual’s own original story, Myth and Fairytale allow the individual to access support from a pre-existing archetypal story.

Myths and Fairytales will contain themes which are familiar to the individual whilst also incorporating archetypes and characters.  The protagonist in myths and fairytales may have experienced a situation which feels familiar to the client in therapy.  The basic story allows the individual to explore the themes and either retain the original story or alter it to suit the psychological needs within the therapeutic environment.

Mythology allows the individual to access a wide breadth of multicultural creation and myth based stories whilst still incorporating the highly identifiable themes and archetypes.

Just as 6PSM can evolve into dramatic enactment, Myths and Fairytales can be an excellent way to embody roles if a more familiar character and theme is required.

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