The Times online reported on the 30th June 2009 that 1 in 14 children were unable to speak properly, therefore secondary aged children went on to present emotional, behavioural and social difficulties, which hindered their achievements in later life.
The Times on line wrote;

“The Government promised an extra £52 million for speech and language provision last summer after a major review conducted by John Bercow, the Tory MP who is now Speaker of the House of Commons, which criticised schools for neglecting the issue.

“Instead of being an optional add-on, communication skills should be at the heart of the primary curriculum… speech and listening have been elbowed out of schools for literacy and numeracy for too long,” the Bercow review said. “
Campaigners have blamed cuts in speech and language therapy provision and services neglecting children of secondary age.
An interview with Virginia Beardshaw, chief executive of iCan, a speech charity, said: “Children with statements [of special educational needs] are the tip of the iceberg. There are two to three children with specific speech and language needs in every primary school class.”

She said speech and language needs were still the most dominant of all special educational needs.

The money promised has not yet been provided to primary schools, Ms Beardshaw added.
Read the full article at the Times online.
We shall ensure to keep you updated about any release of funds from the Bercow report and inform you of the impact this could have for your children.
Sarah Needham
Director of I.T.S &
Speech and Language Therapist
September 2009

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