Sarah our Company Director has over 20 years experience as a Speech and Language Therapist for children and adults with SLCN. She founded Integrated Treatment Services 12 years ago.

Sarah went on to develop a UK wide multi disciplinary therapy team under Integrated Treatment Services, as it is her strong belief that she could support other therapists to deliver high quality outcomes, keeping the spirit of these therapies alive.  Sarah reaches out to a range of client groups and believes as therapists we can really empower our clients, their families and their support network to achieve their dreams.

Sarah values multidisciplinary team working and works jointly with Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Arts Therapists, Educational and  Clinical Psychologists.

Sarah maintains a clinical case load. Her specialist clinical caseload consists of children with Learning Disability, Autistic Spectrum Conditions, Cerebral Palsy, Acquired Brain Injury and Challenging behaviour. Additionally, she works with children and teenagers with Speech difficulties, Language delays, Dysfluency disorders and Selective Mutism. Sarah is highly trained in many approaches, such a Makaton, PECS, AAC systems and many more.

I have genuinely never met a therapist as committed as Sarah Davis. She has worked tirelessly to ensure that our son gets the very best support despite the boundaries which his Autism presents. We have sought Sarah’s advice and expertise throughout the last 6 years as my son journeys through his education. Even when therapists from her team have come on board to continue to support us, Sarah has genuinely overseen all steps and ensured we achieve his goals. Thank you, Toby really wouldn’t be where he is today without I.T.S.

Julie – Leicestershire

Sarah consults regularly with Commissioning groups, Schools and Academies, Care settings, Case managers and Solicitors and acquired/traumatic brain injury settings.

She speaks both Nationally and Internationally on request.

Sarah reviews and writes articles for a range of partners including Special Direct, with whom she has developed many innovative therapy resources to support a range of client groups.

Sarah has a natural empathy with parents and carers and has energy and enthusiasm with her clients.  Sarah has significant skills in supporting clients who are ‘harder to reach’ perhaps due to their degree of learning disability, emotional health or simply their motivation to engage.

Sarah’s knowledge, understanding and clinical reasoning are influenced by current evidence based practice, Department of Health publications, the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapist’s Communicating quality guidelines, position papers and clinical guidelines. The values of these documents underpin her holistic person centered approach to care and her motivation to empower her clients to live fulfilling and rewarding lives.

Sarah’s passion to continually raise standards across the therapy world, enthuses many that come into contact with her.  Her commitment to ensure that Integrated Treatment Services achieve better outcomes is without question. She knows her team can make a real difference!

Sarah and her team at Integrated Treatment Services have offered us a bespoke package of therapy which we have been looking for, for some time now. They deliver ‘hands on’ therapy, they train our staff, they joint coach, they liaise with our parents, we couldn’t be happier. Therapy does exist! We would highly recommend Integrated Treatment Services to any setting looking for consistency and excellent outcomes.

Jane – London Borough School

Locations I work in

  • West Midlands
  • East Midlands
  • International

Age groups I work with:

  • Pre-School
  • School Age
  • Secondary School
  • Young Adults

Client groups I work with:

  • AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) users
  • Acquired brain injury (ABI)
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD
  • Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC)
  • Bilingualism
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Children & young adults to 19 yrs
  • Down syndrome
  • Dyslexia and literacy difficulties
  • Dyspraxia
  • Emotional and behavioral difficulties (EBD)
  • Global Developmental Delay
  • Hearing impairment
  • Language disorder
  • Learning difficulties
  • Mainstream schools
  • Sensory processing difficulties/Sensory Integration difficulties
  • Social Communication difficulties
  • Specialist schools
  • Speech and language delay/disorder
  • Speech sound difficulties
  • Dysfluency - Stuttering and Cluttering
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Visual impairment
  • Adults with learning difficulties
  • Challenging Behaviour
  • Specific Language Impairment
  • Word finding difficulties
  • Higher Level Language difficulties
  • Selective Mutism
  • Play schools and Nurseries

Clinical approaches I offer:

  • Attention/Listening Activities
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices
  • Cognitive Neuro Psychology model
  • Communication Passports
  • Core Vocabulary Approach
  • Cued Articulation
  • Developing Shared Attention (DSA)
  • Early Intervention
  • Hanen approaches
  • Ipad apps
  • Nuffield dyspraxia programme
  • Objects of reference and symbol systems
  • Parent-child interaction (PCI) therapy
  • Phonological awareness
  • Picture Exchange Systems (PECS)
  • Pre-teaching vocabulary (and other word-finding approaches)
  • Psycholinguistic framework
  • See and Learn Programme
  • Semantic links
  • Sensory Processing Techniques
  • Signing systems
  • Social Communication Strategies
  • Talk tools
  • Total Communication Approach
  • Visual Supports
  • Workstations
  • Intensive Interaction
  • Talk Boost
  • Talking Mats
  • Sensory Integration
  • Derbyshire Language Scheme
  • Makaton
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Visual Communication strategies
  • Phonological Therapy
  • Auditory Discrimination Activities
  • Vocabulary drilling
  • Word Finding Approaches
  • Dyspraxia drills
  • Selective Mutism approaches
  • Language Steps
  • Elklan
  • High Tech Voice Output Communication Aids (VOCA)
  • LAMP
  • Colourful Semantics
  • Social Stories